Monday, July 17, 2017

Where's That Kiss Episode?

OK, so one casualty in the move to the new blog is the SGMR Special #1: The Good Side of Kiss that Oliver and I recorded back in April. Well, it is still alive and now appears on The Smooth Sailing website, thanks to Jason. I have posted the link below to the new page for it as well as Special #2: The Not-So-Good Side of Kiss.

I was not willing to take any chances and have that podcast get DMCA'd on, so I asked Jason to post it on Smooth Sailing. Anyway, if you haven't listened to both of these, this is a good time to catch up.

SGMR Special #1: The Good Side of Kiss

SGMR Special #2: The Not-So-Good Side of Kiss


  1. "Kiss was marketed towards teenage boys" - and teenage boys are scary! :D
    - Veronica

    1. I'm pretty sure we covered that in the episode.

  2. "Gals just don't get Kiss" - Got that right! :D (And I'm married to someone who has gone to concerts in full Gene Simmons regalia before.)
    - Veronica