SGMR Special #1: The Good Side of Kiss

In this first of two parts, Oliver Rockside joins me to discuss "the hottest band in the land," Kiss as we run down their catalog from their debut album in 1974, through 1979's Dynasty. We discuss the some of the history of the band as well their gear and pick our favorite songs from the earlier years.

Oliver Rockside on Twitter: @oliverrockside

Are Friends Electric? The History of New Wave

Part 2, The Not-So-Good Side of Kiss

A Sense of Relief

My refinancing was approved and all I have left to do is go to the bank and sign the paperwork. This will significantly lower my house payment and save me some money. Stephanie and I are doing well and people need to calm down about politics for a little while. I talk to Doug about the contact information in a humorous way. Then I end with a song.

Where The Hell Have I Been?

Hi. I'm back. I was taking a couple weeks off because I didn't want to discuss what was happening last weekend, but I feel better about it this weekend. I discuss personal finances and coffee (to join the Garbagecast conversation with MMD and Jason). Then I go back into the finances thing and how it's affecting me.

Earned, Not Given

I feel like some people, like President Trump, need a lesson in how respect works. So, I go off on a bit of a rant related to the office of President, the person who holds that office, and the differences between them. I would call it a political episode, but I do tend to sound a bit annoyed at points. Anyway, listen if you want.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I prefer not to make resolutions because I see that word as loaded in a way. I set goals for myself and they're not time dependent. I started eating better and using the trainer service at the gym right before my birthday and I'm down 10 lbs. I also set the goal to get out more, see more bands, and have more fun. I also have a room booked for the August solar eclipse and I will be viewing in Armpit, TN, the home office of Up In This Brain. The image (if viewable) is the Transit of Venus from 2012.

That's a Good Question

I fixed my dryer this past week and cleaned it all out and it's running quite well. I went to see Rogue One on Thursday night and quite enjoyed it, but I won't give any spoilers, I promise. I've been watching Oliver Stone's Untold History on Netflix and I have learned that history is usually pretty ugly. I then answer a question asked by Scarborough Dude about the Vietnam war.

Born With a Tail

My dryer decided to stop working. Luckily, it seems to only be the belt which is pretty cheap. Hopefully that's the only problem with it and I'll have it running by the next time I do laundry. I went another concert this week to see The Supersuckers which is a fun rock 'n' roll, country, punk band. Jason and I recorded the Smooth Sailing Christmas Special which will be coming out on the week before and on Christmas (It's two parts).

Enough With the Politics

I went to the Cleveland Metal Food Drive at the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. It was an event for the Cleveland Food Bank and City Dogs, so all for a good cause. Other than that, I've been getting tired of politics on social media and looking for an iPad app that allows me to block certain topics. Then I end with a song.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (the American version) is coming up this week and I am once again cooking dinner for the family. The election happened and in reality, there's not much anyone can do about it. The election was legal and barring a miracle, our new president has been decided. Of course, we don't how the aforementioned president is going to do and as I clumsily discuss, time travel won't help. Finally, I am really wanting to do the Illuminati Social Club, In Search Of... review for the first episode, so if you want to be a panelist, watch this episode and tweet @AlienCG or get in touch with me in any way you know how. 

Tell Me I'm Not Podfading

I'm back after a two week hiatus for house cleaning, The World Series, and because the rest of the time, I've been lazy. The house is fully clean and ready for the holidays. The Indians fell short in the World Series, but they took the Cubs to extra innings after a late inning comeback and a rain delay. I'm writing again this year for NaNoWriMo and I hoping to hit some of the events surrounding it as well. Finally, there's an election this Tuesday and my nerves are a bit wracked.

The Good Ol' Hockey Game

The Cleveland Indians are in the ALCS up two games to none, the Monsters began their season with two wins, and I was downtown for all of this. There is also an election going on, and there are those people who would call sports a distraction that keeps people from finding what's "really" going on. I know what's going on, but I also like sports and would like to take time away from the sad reality of politics.

Two Days in Heaven

OK, maybe it was only day in heaven as I went through hell with my stomach and my computer. Anyway, I went to a pig roast this weekend and might have overdid it slightly when it came to the food (never the drink, though). Then after coming home and going to bed, I was awakened by acid reflux and a thunderstorm. And then Windows gave me fits. There are two songs in this episode.

Called Out

Yes, I'm back after another week off, but I haven't been slacking. I'm doing Smooth Sailing and The Anger Core, as well as preparing to bring back another podcast that I haven't done in a while. Speaking of The Anger Core, I was called out for comments that I made and I comment back without being mean. Also, if you want to be a guest on Smooth Sailing, let me know on Twitter.

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50 Years and Counting

I tried a new experiment (to me) and decided to record while I was wandering around the house and doing chores. I think it turned out pretty well, but there are some weird sounds present during the recording which I will attribute to the age of the phone. It's also a bit more ramble-y than usual. My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary this weekend which is a huge accomplishment which I will probably never achieve.

I'm Sleeping Well Now

I took a week off from my usual podcasting stuff and it felt good. I got a new mattress and went to a baseball game. I also had to go to a funeral for someone who was too young to be having a funeral. Also, I have not been watching too much of the Olympics, and they end tomorrow. Oh well. The US leads the medal count, and we have a couple idiots on our team.

Dealing With People

The Olympics have started and I've watched Men's Basketball, Women's Soccer, Rugby Sevens, and Table Tennis. I'm convinced that the women could beat the men at table tennis because of their differing styles of play. I mention the word politics, but nothing else on the topic. And I have dealt with many different types of people in my life and am convinced that people who work in jobs dealing directly with the public tend to have a better understanding of people.