Why 2016 Wasn't The Worst Year

Yes, I know, I said I hated "thinkpieces" and I was dreading the those that were going to tell us all why 2016 was actually the best year ever or at least not the worst year. I'm not doing that here, despite the title I put on it, because this is article will include a part about time travel.

Yes, we lost a lot of big name celebrities this year, but did we really? We lost celebrities who were in the mainstream public eye this year. We've lost plenty of famous people in years past, and we're going to lose more in coming years. We're moving into a time when many of the celebrities that are in an older age group started their careers in the days of heavy media saturation of the sixties. Of course, many of these people also enjoyed certain substances that may have contributed to a shorter life. So it's not that more celebrities died, it's that more celebrities that people heard of died. So that's part of why 2016 isn't the worst. I really don't want to post much about it, but we elected a new president...so that happened. Another part is that it happened.

Yes, we must make the assumption that time travel will be possible at some point. And if it is possible, then 2016 doesn't even register as a priority year for time travelers. That means that there are far worse years that need saving and 2016 is just normal, and it is. Of course, that also means that the Spanish-American War, World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf 1, Persian Gulf 2, Afghanistan, and all other smaller wars really did not register either. That begs the question...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE?! If we think 2016 is a flaming shitshow, how will we handle what's to come?

Seriously, though, I have plenty of reason to dislike 2016. Many shitty things happened this year, but plenty of good things also happened. I witnessed personally the winning of what I feel is a major sports championship when the Lake Erie Monsters won the Calder Cup in the AHL. I spent plenty of time at the ballpark for Indians games, and went to a lot of really cool metal and punk shows.