OUTRAGED!!! About Viral Products

Yet another ridiculous product has hit the internet, thanks to a certain "higher end department store". This time around, the department store has introduced muddied jeans for $425 and has earned the ire of Twitter, Mike Rowe from Discovery's Dirty Jobs, several news outlets, and the blogosphere. There are people that are OUTRAGED!!! at this product and threatening to boycott the department store. You know what? I'm going to join that boycott. I will never shop at that department store ever* again**. Apparently, these jeans mock hard work and make light of the middle class (or some other thing that is too deeply philosophical for me to understand).

* you could add a . (period) at this point
** unnecessary word

Here's the thing...this same retailer offered a rock in a leather pouch. Another retailer offered a Kent State sweatshirt with fake blood stains on it. These things also earned the OUTRAGE!!! of the internet as a whole.

As they were supposed to.

There's an old saying, "There's no such think as bad publicity." This is true statement. I never gave either of the not-so-referred-to retailers a second glance until a trending topic came up referring to these "viral products", and now suddenly I realize that they exist. Of course, once I see a product in a trending topic, I immediately realize that it's a publicity stunt. Of course, we all forgot about the rock-in-a-pouch until the jeans came out. I may go as far as to guarantee that these products were never actually for sale and were only ways to either test the market or generate some form of buzz. The latter is definitely a possibility.

Quit falling for this bullshit or laugh it off, because if you're suddenly OUTRAGED!!! then you're going to share it with friends and they'll share it and they'll share it, etc. That's how these stunts work. That's why I didn't link to anything, because I don't want to perpetuate it.

Now, are you interested in buying a hat with fake bird poop on it? It's only $95.