Daily Notes--1/10/17


Welcome to "Daily Notes" which is whatever enters my head at any time of day. It may be a story fragment, a sentence, a pithy quote, or a journal entry. This is my first day of trying this. Bear with me.

8:21am Supposedly it was going to be an icy drive into work with plenty of delays and dangerous road conditions. It was wet and rainy, but there were only a few side streets that any type of ice on them and that was primarily slush.

12:55pm "Hello female human. I would like to inquire of you your want to accompany me in the final quarter of the day/night cycle to assimilate nutrition."

2:08pm Politics. I'm tired of politics. Luckily, we won't be discussing politics tonight as we record another episode of The Showhole. We're never sure what we're going to talk about until we start recording. That's the fun of recording that podcast.

5:44pm I have to get a workout in at home. I've been doing well keeping after my weight. I'm down ten pounds in two and a half weeks, which probably includes some water weight, but I'm showing improvement and I'm already feeling better. I've also been working some muscles that I don't think I've ever worked before.

10:15pm I just finished watching the president's farewell address. I have to admit that I am going to miss Mr. Obama and his grace and dignity, especially compared to what's coming into the office. I will continue to read that Wired interview with Obama because it shows that there are smart and thoughtful people in politics.