WWACGD? Trapped in an Elevator

Once again, my #2 commenter*, Veronica Celeste, has posed a question that I will now venture to answer. She wants to know what I would do if I were trapped in an elevator. Well, that's a very interesting question worthy of my best possible answers.

*The #1 position has been retired and raised to the rafters in memoriam.

What I say I would do: Panic

What I would actually do: Panic. No. Seriously. I am claustrophobic, and just the thought of being trapped in an elevator is enough to send me into a cold sweat. I'm dead serious. I have no problem going into a functioning elevator, but there's always that nagging thought that the elevator might break down while I'm in it.

If you have a scenario that you would like me to answer, please leave it in the comments. Thank you and have a good weekend.