Internet Quizzes

I will continue WWACGD? next week. This week, I decided to not answer some of those internet quizzes that tell you which Disney character you are, or which day of the week you are, or which garden weed you are. Basically, I'm going to guess what it would tell me if I were to actually answer.

What is your spirit animal?
A dead squirrel that was flattened by a Kenworth truck (not to be confused by the one flattened by a Mack truck).

What color is your aura?
Plaid. Luckily, I don't read too much into this stuff.

What font are you?
Comic Sans. I'm that messed up.

Which contemporary artist are you?
That one that does weird things with plastic wrap, macaroni, and dry ice.

Which US president are you?
William Henry Harrison. I'm gone before you knew I was here.

OK, that was something completely random. If you like to ask me a scenario for WWACGD? then leave it in the comments.