WWACGD? Alien Visitation

Veronica asked: What would you do if the real aliens come to earth?

I am going to assume that this is, in fact, a peaceful visitation and not a Hollywood-style, destroy-all-humans type of invasion. If you want to know what I would do in the event of the latter, refer to my zombie apocalypse scenario. Yeah, pretty much, a violent force comes to earth, I'm going to turn into a bowl full of jelly, or dinner for the invading force.

What I say I would do: I would volunteer to be on the welcoming committee and learn proper protocol, and even help form the protocols, to greet intergalactic (more likely, intragalactic) visitors. I would spend as much time as possible researching their home world, learning about the climate, other species, and their customs. I would do my best to be a true goodwill ambassador for our new guests.

What I will actually do: Stay home and watch all of the pomp and circumstance on TV and listen to the conspiracy nuts speculate they they're here to destroy us, but we're too stupid to know it. After all, isn't this the way most alien movies end up?

Thank you for the excellent question, Veronica (if that is your real name).