A Golden Time

Welcome to this week's Saturday Scavenger Shots, brought to you by me and the word GOLDEN. Considering I spent the second leg of my California vacation in the Bay Area, the word GOLDEN seemed to fit pretty well, if not being a bit too obvious. 

I stayed in Santa Rosa after departing Sacramento, and on Saturday, headed toward San Francisco to see one of the most popular landmarks of their city, the GOLDEN Gate Bridge.


I ended up inadvertently driving across it twice because I missed the exit to the park where I was going to take these pictures and there was only one way to go. It is really an impressive structure that a picture cannot capture. This was my first time seeing the GOLDEN Gate, but it will not be my last.

There you go, my GOLDEN photograph for this week. If anyone would like to choose a word for next week and participate, leave a comment below and let us know where to find you.