An Explosion of Color

Welcome to another explosive edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots. Laura B. took the reins and picked the word explosion. I'm a little late due to two parties over this four-day weekend, but better late than never.

Not long after I got my macro lens, I took a series of pictures of games and chess boards in my basement. One of these photos I will show you below.

This picture is an EXPLOSION of color. I call this picture Royal Flush for a reason. It's very easy to see why when you know what you're looking for. Can you guess why? (HINT: Had this been a real poker game, there would have been an EXPLOSION from the other players)

So I've turned this post into a small contest. Laura B. has picked Tara to pick the word, so we will wait until Tara picks a word. Hope you had a good holiday weekend.