Who Calls Then Parcels Anymore?

Hello and welcome to another exciting installment of Saturday Scavenger Hunt. This week's word was chosen by yours truly and I chose PARCEL. I can honestly say, I had nothing planned for this word when I chose it. Then on Thursday, I received a PARCEL that I ordered. What was it? I got a new camera lens.

This is a 50mm, F/1.8 macro lens. It's a lens designed for close-up photography and for focusing on a small part of the overall picture.

This picture was taken with the new lens. This is the box that the lens and the lens hood came in. There was also bubble wrap and inflatable packaging.

There you have it, my photos for PARCEL. I hope you liked them. I am going to tag Tara over at Eclectic Spaghetti for next week's word. Have a good weekend.