What's on the Tubes?

So I thought I would start a new periodic feature where I tell readers what I've been watching. Not just on TV, but also on the Internet, which is becoming a valid consumption medium for new stuff.

I just finished up When We Left Earth which is a six-part Discovery Channel series about NASA's manned space program. It goes era by era starting with Mercury and going through the Shuttle program (stopping after the Columbia disaster). There are a lot of great interviews with NASA astronauts and mission controllers throughout.

I also caught a few fascinating documentaries like The Story of One, which is a history of numbers. It's presented by Monty Python's Terry Jones and explores the origins of counting, the Roman and Cyrillic numerals. It sounds boring, but it is very entertaining.

Over on YouTube, I have found some very fun educational channels. First there is Crash Course presented by the Green brothers, Hank and John. Hank is the host of Biology and is going through a 40 week course on, well, biology. He also hosts SciShow, which is a science news channel. John Green hosts the History side of Crash Course and is working through a 40 week course as well (actually, it's set to be 41 weeks now).

Finally, there's the Brady Haran, Nottingham University channels on YouTube. Filmmaker Brady Haran runs all around the university to make videos on Mathematics (Numberphile), Chemistry (Periodic Videos) and Physics (SixtySymbols). They're a fun look at all of the topics mentioned and you just might learn something. The chemistry professor is my favorite person in all of the videos (gotta love the hair).

I have a few things that I am going to be watching coming up, including the new YouTube original series, H+. It's a short-form video series about a future where everyone gets computers implanted in their brains, but one-third of the people die when an upgrade goes wrong. The episodes are only 3-6 minutes in length, so I'm waiting a bit longer before I jump in. I also got a recommendation of a documentary called Being Elmo, which is about the puppeteer and voice actor who plays Elmo on Sesame Street.

There you go, I'm doing this right before I leave for work, so I haven't had time add links, but I will do that later. Let me know what you think of this idea and if you have any recommendations for what I should watch, let me know in comments.