And the Metal Goes To...

Welcome to this week's Saturday Scavenger Shots. The word for this week was chosen by Laura B. from What Fresh Hell is This? and she just threw me a HUGE softball. I just saw the word less than a minute before I began writing this post. Normally it takes me a day or two to gather my thoughts and really come up with a good photo or photos. This time, however, the word immediately hit me like a two-ton, heavy thing (Queensryche reference). The word she chose was METAL. And I won't even repeat any of the photos I posted HERE.

This is the schedule of METAL bands to appear at the Mayhem Festival back on July 25. Four of the last five were the ones I was looking most forward to and they did not disappoint.

This is the Slayer stage. They are one the greatest METAL bands of all time. I already gave my thoughts on the concert in the post I linked to above.

There you have it, my take on METAL. Thanks to Laura B. for such a great word for this week (you did that on purpose). Have a good weekend. EDIT**6:24PM I have been tagged by Laura B. for next week's word and I have chosen STAR.