Thick as a Brick

This week's Saturday Scavenger Hunt word is brought to you by me. I choose the word BRICK and have taken photos accordingly. Part of my dragon for returning to the hunt is to test out my new phone so I can review it along with my new service. The phone, in case you're wondering, is the Samsung Galaxy S2 4G. All photos, including last week's, have been taken using the 8MP camera on this phone. Anyway, on with photos.

Huh? This Dell laptop is, in fact, a brick. It needs serious repair to get it back up and running. It is, therefore, a brick.

This phone is also a brick, but it only needs a new owner with a phone number to reactivate it.

As part of my testing on the phone, I have composed this post on it too. We'll see how out works out. Thanks for stopping and I will give Tara the choice of the next word.