World Domination, Dashed

While I have quipped in the past about taking over the world, I don't think I could really do it. After watching plenty of science fiction in my life, I don't think I could possibly hold the population of a country under my boot and expect them to all conform to my tyranny. I actually tend to like individualism a bit too much and there, my friends, would be my downfall. You see, the only way to take over the world is to make everybody the exact same mindless sheep...or lemming if you prefer.

I came to this realization while watching Doctor Who and noticing that every person or alien race looking to take over the world was looking to assimilate the population and turn them into one mindset. John Lumic, the president of Cybus industries wanted, to turn the whole population into cybermen, human brains stripped of emotion and encased in metal bodies. There are, of course, the Daleks, who want to either destroy everybody or use the humans to create a new hybrid human/Dalek that would all have the same mindset to exterminate everything and everyone else. Then there was the possibly the most egocentric plan to take over the world by The Master, another Time Lord. He not only turned the planet into people of the same mindset, he turned the people all into him. All one mind connected together as one. Doctor Who isn't the only place that has discouraged my plans.

Nineteen-eighty-four by George Orwell shows a world sucked dry of imagination and now filled with hatred for the enemy, Emmanuel Goldstien. Everybody looks the same, dresses the same and, with invention of newspeak, will also, eventually talk the same. This isn't the type of world I want to rule over. Aldous Huxley didn't do much better, even if his world seems a lot more pleasant. Brave New World is a bright and shining world on the surface with genetically engineered people, where recreation is encouraged for the Alphas and Betas. While it looks fun and seems ideal, there is still little room for free thought. Finally, we have the country of Panem in Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games. What makes this world so much worse that the previous two is that the people of this country, once a year, dress up in their Sunday's best and line up their children to participate in a fight to the death all the while acting as if it is a great honor. This is another world I want nothing to do with because I don't want to kill people, especially not children. I guess I have no choice but to stand down as supreme leader of the planet earth.

So I am abandoning my plans to take over the world before I even finalize them. I crave imagination and freewill and want other people to be equally free. Some may say, "You can still dominate the world and allow it to keep its imagination." but that would end badly, too. There is always going to be that minority voice that wants things another way. Maybe I want to rule with kindness and tolerance, but somebody else thinks we would be better off living under tyranny and oppression. No, I think I'll stay out here with the rest and see where the world goes from here. I'll disagree with what I don't like and agree with what I do like. Good luck to you future tyrant of the world, may you find the value in imagination and individuality.