A Work of Genius

This week, Laura B. chose the word for the Saturday Scavenger Shots and she chose genius. It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to post since it would be pretty egomaniacal of me to post of picture of myself (and the On the Spot overlord doesn't like having his photo taken). So instead, I have decided on an idea of genius (it's also an excuse to photograph my breakfast).

I learned of this idea from AlienMOM, but she got it from a magazine and that person is a GENIUS for coming up with it. Basically, if you take Pillsbury biscuits in the can (or any other brand) and carefully split them before baking, they can be filled with cheese, veggies, meat (precooked) and anything you might be able to think of for a meal. I had already done this with cheese, onion, bacon and turkey after Thanksgiving. Today, I did it with just cheese and sausage patties (I cooked the sausage the previous night).

The one on the left sealed a bit better during baking. A little advice, a add a few extra minutes to the package instructions. I think this is the work of pure GENIUS. (Okay, as I said, it was an excuse to photograph my breakfast). Now we wait to see which word Tara will choose for next week.