There is No End

Hello Humanity,

It is now December 22, 2012 for the entire planet. WE ARE STILL HERE.

All of your fear and paranoia have come about as a result of a tribe of people who couldn't couldn't foresee their own demise, let alone that of the entire planet. Maybe now you'll learn that the world is not going to "end" abruptly on any set date. The quickest possible "ending" we could have would not be foreseen by ancient tribesmen, but by modern technology. There is no Nibiru, Planet X or Wormwood or whatever the kids are calling it these days. The earth is as safe as it has ever been, which on a galactic scale is not that safe, but hey, we're still here.

Get out and enjoy life and quit looking for "the end" because, surely, you will find it all too soon and you will realize that it is only your own end. You will realize that you let life pass you by and will leave this world with much regret. We have one life, and once it's done, it's done. There are no replays, no 1-Ups, no extra lives, no cheat codes.

So many people have tried to predict the end of the world and they have failed thus far. They will contend that either their interpretation of the facts were somehow off or else they will point to some obscure event somewhere in the world, no matter how small, and use that as some sign that this prophecy was correct. Others would say that a supreme deity "had mercy on us" and decided to delay our demise. Still others, like me, will say that nothing was ever intended to happen in the first place. It was all foreshadowing and idiocy on the part of a paranoid minority.

I say once more, put all this nonsense aside and go have some fun. We have but the blink of an eye to savor the fruits of life. Get out there, see the sights and revel in the fact that we continue to survive against the odds that the universe throws at us.

Live, Laugh and Love,

Jasen M. Buch