Enjoying the Festivity

Now that I have the new blog interface up and running, you may notice that I'm posting more and I will have a post every day next week, but you will have to tune in tomorrow to find out what I have planned (unless you visited the Alien Coffeeground Facebook page, then you already know).

Anyway, on to current business, Saturday Scavenger Shots. This week, the lovely and talented Tara from Eclectic Spaghetti chose the word, FESTIVITY. I have no pictures to fit this word myself, but one or five were sent to me from last Friday.

I got together with former coworkers from Visi-Trak for their annual Christmas lunch. We met up at Kumo Japanese Seafood Buffet which is an excellent place for some lovely Asian cuisine. I always enjoy FESTIVITY with this crowd no matter where it is. Anyway, here's a photo that was sent to me by my former boss and current friend, Ying...


A little later after this picture was taken, me and Rob (front left, in the red sweater) would be surprised by the sound of the gong and the singing of Happy Birthday. His birthday is on Christmas and mine four days before on the 21st. 

So that's my take. Now we wait to see who Tara is going to tag for next week's word in case we survive the oncoming apocalypse and have a next week. Have a good weekend and check in tomorrow to find out what I am planning for next week.