Sounds of the Season

I would like to present, for your approval, a review (which I suck at) of the latest holiday album I purchased (I say holiday instead of Christmas because there is a song about Chanukah on it). I bought through the Apple iTunes store, but it is also available on Amazon for $8.99 which is what I am linking to in this post.

One Christmas At a Time
Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick

The album I refer to is One Christmas At a Time by Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick. If you're looking for a heartfelt and tradition style Christmas album this season, look elsewhere. This album contains songs like "Uncle John",  that annoying relative who is always late, starts fights, gets drunk and makes the holiday gathering just, plain awkward. "Christmas in Jail" is a Johnny Cash-style country song that is a message to the narrator's daughter about why he can't be home for the holidays (but with good behavior, he'll be out in two). "Christmas With You is the Best" is an alternative style song about two people who love each other because they hate the holidays. (Note: this song may contain an expletive verb or just a normal conjunction. I haven't paid much attention.) One of the big songs off of this album is a techno-style piece which is just a reading of the Wikipedia entry for Chanukah. Called "Wikipedia Chanukah", this song just goes over the history of the holiday. The final track is the closest thing to what one may consider a "traditional" modern Christmas song. "Christmastime is Wunnerful" is pretty much four and a half minutes of the same verse being sung over and over. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but it is a fun song to hear.

Overall, as a fan of Jonathan Coulton and becoming a fan of John Roderick, I have to recommend this album to anyone who likes slightly twisted holiday music during the season. While you're wandering about the Amazon MP3 store, pick up a copy of "Chiron Beta Prime", another Christmas-style song by Jonathan Coulton and then just grab the whole JoCo Looks Back album and listen to it. There, that's a review. I suck at reviews.