Things Get Wild

I was the chooser of the word this week and I chose WILD. I don't know why, I could have chosen a few others that would fit with the photo that I have. Instead, I chose WILD because I don't think it was chosen before.

As you recall, last week, I posted a picture of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. This week's picture was taken on that same trip down to the company in the boat.

This is real WILDlife in the big city. I was surprised at how close I was able to get to this little fellow before he finally high-tailed it to the bushes. This was right outside of Burke Lakefront Airport on the lakefront. He was looking for a bite to eat.

There you have it. I think I am going to...TAGBACK! Tara, you are once again the word-chooser for next week. Have a good weekend.