Back to the Old Site

This post is simply to inform my faithful few followers to the situation. Also, if you link to my site, please change your links to This will make things easier in the future since I do not plan on letting this domain go.

Here's what's going on:

A couple weeks ago I moved my entire site over to the new Squarespace format which, at the time, seemed to be flawless. Everything looked perfect and worked beautifully, but I noticed something. I have only gotten two comments since I moved (by the way, on the move back, I lost those two comments. Sorry Tara and BB). It was brought to my attention by Laura B. on October 1 when she emailed me to inform me that she could not leave a comment. She was using Internet Explorer 9, so I checked it out for myself. Lo and behold, I had never tested my site with IE9 and it did not work. I emailed Squarespace and they are currently looking into the problem. I had already begun transferring everything back to the old site.

This is not a criticism of Squarespace or of IE9. This is simply an issue that has arisen and, while inconvenient, and it is not uncommon. Yes, the simple solution would be to quit using IE9, but that is not an option for many people, including myself. I would have probably discovered this problem myself had I not been working on the site on a Mac (Mac has no official IE supoort).

There are two things to keep in mind as a web developer, a site should not be browser dependent (unless absolutely necessary like Microsoft Update) and the front end of a site should work with default browser settings. It is allowed to prompt a user to enable functions such as JavaScript. Currently, the new design was not meeting these criteria.

I will be a little more careful and will probably set up a beta test of sorts to make sure that all functions are working properly before switching over fully again. Lessons have been learned. Let me be clear, I still love Squarespace and would highly recommend them to anyone.