Wanna Buy Insurance?

Once again, I am finding myself back in the market looking for a job. My previous full-time position came to an end and the lab is still a part-time job, so I am covering my bases. I am looking on job boards, posting to popular web sites and even updating my LinkedIn profile. So, I get an e-mail from somebody with an exciting opportunity. Immediately, I close the e-mail and delete it not because it's a virus or anything malicious, but because it's the same thing I get everytime I start looking for a job...Insurance sales. I got a similar e-mail one month after I graduated from an overly confident salesman whose artificially white smile I could sense through the phone. I also got a phone call from either a phone bank operator or secretary asking me to come in for a 45 minute seminar. I told her that I wasn't interested in insurance sales and she replied that most people feel the same way before they come in for the seminar. I told her, I still was not interested. She got the hint and hung up.

I am not a salesman. I respect anybody that could willingly do that job for a living. In my personal vision of hell, I am a salesman sitting in meetings and telling bad jokes and responding to them with the hideous "meeting laugh." That's that dry, forced laugh that can be heard coming out of meeting rooms all over the country. 

Just to follow up, I have been recalled to the company that I was previously working at and the lab is still going strong. I am also, finally, editing the novel that I wrote for NaNoWriMo last November. The time away from it has given me a fresh look at it. I'm hoping to have the first edit done by mid-July.