We're Still Here

The date of the post is May 21, 2011. The time is 6pm. At the time of reading this, I should be shaking like I've never shaken before. That's because Harold Camping, the dime-store Nostradamus who predicted that this date and this time for a great earthquake and rapture was, shockingly, wrong. I have been discussing doomsday prophecy all week leading up to today and I have decided that this, the latest in a long-and-growing-line, should be the prediction to wrap up this week-long series.

Mr. Camping figured out, somehow, that the Bible is some sort of timeline and by working forward from the beginning could calculate the date of the end times. This did, of course, rely on some arbitrary time scales that may or may not be totally accurate. From there, he cherry-picked some verses and ignored many others and did a few backflips and then preached it to his followers. They ate it up and went out to share it with the world. This is where I have a problem.

Some of these people who are preaching around the country and around the world have abandoned their families in order to do so. Is this a moral thing to do? Are they going to go home in order to spend their final hours with their loved ones or are they going to stay with the people from this caravan since they are the "true believers"? Many of them are going to realize, come Monday morning, that they need to go back home, find a job and return to life. Some of them will be back on the road when somebody, perhaps Harold Camping, makes another end times prediction.