Updates and the End of the World

I am still working on a couple projects for future posting, but it's tough to get writing at the moment. I still have my series on the Harry Potter series that I am working on, but a new numbers idea came to me in recent days regarding a certain end times prophecy that is coming soon. I am sidetracking myself with this idea now and it's taking a little longer than I thought. Let me just say that I could probably calculate just about any date I want with numbers from the Bible. Look for that soon.

Life in the Alien household is doing very well these days and the cat is still a hellion. I have plenty of product and software reviews I could do, including Firefox 4, IE9, Gapminder (really cool), Carbonite backup and GoToMyPC.com. Maybe I'll take a shot at those once I get more experience with them, although, Carbonite is quite an important service and now the only one with flat rate billing.

I have also begun a new photo project this past weekend and it will take a while to complete. Luckily, there is no real rush to finish and it should be enjoyable to do. Here's one shot from my initial set.

This is St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church in Cleveland, OH. The first in a long line of churches with some truly beautiful architecture. It's also one of the tougher buildings to photograph because of trees and wires in the way. I am wondering if I stood in the middle of the street...

So, that's been the story of my life for a little while now. Have a good rest of the week and I am going to get back to work on these other posts.