Cell-ing Out

Okay, I haven't participated in a couple week, but with this one post I will make up for it. No, I am not posting for the last two words, but I will post multiple pictures. This week, I chose the word after being tagged by NoRegrets and I chose the word CELL. It's probably obvious that I have a reason for choosing this word.

The reason is not to show off my new CELL phone which I got in December. It's an LG Cosmos with slide-out keyboard (no Android or iPhone for me yet).


This post is also not to go back in time to my first trip to Mansfield Reformatory to show you picture of a CELL block. It's a bit dusty there.


No, I have better usage of the word CELL. As many people who read this blog know, I have been afforded the opportunity to work in biological research. During my time in the lab, before getting a full-time job, I conducted two experiments (under close guidance) that resulted in good results. It was a video experiment where I had to measure the CELLS over a period of time. Here is the real reason why I chose the word CELL.


These are actual human cells under a microscope. I'm not sure which organ these cells came from, but it was really cool to look at them under the microscope.

Now I have to tag somebody for next week's word. How about Laura B. over at What Fresh Hell is This?