I Dislike the Like

I'm a member of Facebook, Google+, Digg, Twitter and a few other services online. One of things I dislike about these services is the idea of the Like, +1 and Digg buttons. All of these give an impression that the reader truly "likes" the article that they are reading. I don't like the idea of these positively named buttons because, psychologically, it prevents me from "liking" an article that may be questionable in nature. If I click one of those buttons and the article is about something I disagree with, such as a hot-button political issue, does that mean that I agree with the issue being discussed? I hope not. I think the idea behind these buttons should be more neutral than they are. I would prefer a simple bookmark or recommend button.

Over the past month or so I have been prevented from sharing articles because it might give people a false impression of who I am. Because I "Like" an article about a controversial issue should not be indicative of where I stand on that issue. It could mean that I "Like" this article in the sense that I think there is merit to this article and people should read it and discuss it. That's what I want to see. Instead, the marketing machines inside of Google and Facebook have come up with a way to find out more about who we are. They want to know where we stand politically, so most will only "Like" articles that they agree with. Therefore, a favorable article about the president will get "Liked" by more democrats than republicans. I think we need to start using these buttons in the way that they are meant, to share information and start discussions.