Learning From Words on Paper

I was not planning on writing about this and it is rare that I actually bring up the following topic on my blog, but it must be stated and it must be shared.  This Saturday will mark the 9th anniversary since the worst tragedy to take place on American soil.  To celebrate, one "church" in Florida is planning on burning copies of the Islamic holy book.  As a fairly non-religious sort, I wonder why I should care about this?  It's simple, really, they are planning on burning books to mark the anniversary of American tragedy.

This is America and in America we do not burn books regardless of what's written in them, we disagree with them and debate over them, but we keep them intact.  Book burning is symbolic not only of disagreement with an idea, but a desire to completely eradicate an idea.  Life is too short to be that hate-filled as to want to destroy ideas.  It's abhorrent to me that these people who are going to burn copies of this book have the audacity to call themselves a religion.

I don't agree with everything in every book, but I would never resort to burning them to make my point. I learn from books, I do not burn them.  Books represent ideas and the destruction of ideas is the worst form of hate.