Up a Tree

Last weekend, AlienGF and I undertook a bit of a project for a certain little kitty cat.  It was a larger project, but bought the materials and supplies and employed the help of EvilAlienDAD.  By the time we were finished it was a day later and the finished product was near six feet tall.


This is Tetra's new hangout, a 5-foot, 11-inch homemade cat tree and scratching post.  She has already spent most of a day playing and sleeping atop it.  I'm happy that she likes it.  Somebody out there is probably asking why we just didn't buy one.  Well, neither of us had upwards of $200 to spend on one that isn't this tall.  This cost a total of $46 for materials which would have bought a carpeted piece of wood.  This has been picture #8.