Stuff About Stuff About Me

Things ended up getting really busy last week with the job.  I conducted my first real experiment and it proved to be successful, but it was a long process of collecting data.  I wish I could say more, but as it is research, that wouldn't be a great idea.  Let's just say, there is a lot of good stuff happening and it's a thrill to be right there watching it go down.  This past week has been bad for posting.

I have been getting a lot of great pictures from around Cleveland and am going to start the photo-a-day challenge soon.  I had a bit of a scare yesterday while backing up my photos to the desktop and ended up deleting all of my night sky pictures accidentally.  Luckily, they were on a storage drive (non-system drive that isn't frequently written and erased) and there is a program called Recuva that allows for the recovery of accidentally deleted files.  My advice: Download it now before you accidentally delete stuff.

This week is going to be a lighter week since the boss is on vacation, so I'll only be doing the normal data.  I am taking a road trip with the parents on Tuesday to Marblehead, OH which will be my first visit there with the new camera.  I'll have new shots of the lighthouse and some other stuff for your enjoyment.  I look forward to posting it all.  Sorry for my absence of late, but it is so worth it.  Have a good day.