Two Years Ago...

It was two years ago today, August 13, 2008, that I made my final post on Alien's Planet after finally getting fed up with lousy service.  Well, in an act of pure coincidence, I just uploaded my old site to the new webhost that I recently purchased.  I am not going to be updating the old site, just putting it up there because I can.  


There may be some bugs, but I will fix them as I find out about them.

Yes, by the way, it is a new domain name, too.  I have owned for quite a few years and now I own  The .com domain will continue to lead to this blog as I have intended all along.  The .net domain is going to become the home to a project I have been wanting to do for a while, The Alien Code Project, a site where I can continue doing web coding and other programming and be able to show it off to the public.  Enjoy the old site and have a good day.