A Day at the Zoo

Hey everybody, long time no see.  I've been taking a little time off to get my mind together and relax for a bit.  Part of that relaxation included taking Friday off from the lunch counter and going with AlienGF to the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo.  She had a couple free passes so it was a fairly cheap day out.  I took my camera and got some pretty good photos, one of which may be submitted to the zoo's amateur photo contest.  Let's get on with the photos:

This is a Lorikeet.  You can buy a cup of nectar and let the bird eat from your hand.  This is AlienGF's arm and hand with a Lorikeet on it.  This is also the photo I am considering sending to the contest.

Here's a gang of kangaroos (I don't know the collective term) lounging in the shade during the heat of the day.

The grizzly bears were up and walking around and being a bit active.  The bear up front is blurry because it was moving.

Here's a turtle sitting on a rock in Waterfowl Lake.  I know, turtles aren't waterfowl, they're reptiles.

The seals are still fun and you can feed them fish.  I didn't do it, but I could have bought a cup of fish to give the seals.

Here's a couple giraffes and an ostrich at the African Savannah exhibit.

The koalas were pretty easy to get pictures of since they just sit in one spot.  This one was sitting like royalty in his tree.

And no trip to the zoo would be complete without getting a picture of a primate.  Here's an orangutan sitting high up on a pedestal.

I hope you enjoyed my brief photo tour of the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo.  I encourage you to go out and visit your own local zoo or wildlife preserve.  Have a good rest of the weekend and I will have the garden pictures for Monday.