Empty Spaces

This past Friday, I was thinking about cleaning my office area upstairs in the dormer, but then had second thoughts about it.  That is, until AlienGF decided that she was going to go up and start on it.  OK, that motivated me to go up and get this project done.  We were off to a good start going into Saturday and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Only a few things left to do, one of which was moving the big, 1950's-era desk.  We started sliding it over when...oh crap...the back legs gave out send the desk downward against the wall.  Luckily nothing got broken (except for two, metal leg holders) and we were able to get the existing legs back underneath temporarily while we cleared the desk off.

I called my dad for a little level-headed support (he's good at that) and then took a trip to Lowe's for four new legs (and lunch at Skyline Chili).  We came home and got the desk back on its feet (thanks to a little help from the neighbor).  We finished up the room and spent the evening watching The Simpsons and going out for ice cream.  Here's a look at the "never-quite-finished" project: