Ancient Aliens?

During a conversation I was having, the idea of ancient aliens was discussed. Anyone who watched the History Channel knows what I'm talking about, aliens came here thousands of years ago and built the pyramids, Stonehenge and many of the other great monuments we look upon with awe. To me, this is nothing more than a modified "god of the gaps" argument that modern humans use because they find is difficult to grasp that ancient man was very intelligent. They were so intelligent, in fact, that many were able to predict eclipses based on the motion of objects in the sky and they were able to ponder the formulas to calculate geometric shapes in everyday life. All of this done without the aid of computers or even calculators. They wrote everything out in the sand or on papyrus and performed the calculations in their heads.

Giving "aliens" or other mythical or mystical beings the credit for human innovation diminishes our overall role in the world up to now. I believe that it's like this mostly because we want to think that we are at our most intelligent point right now because we have computers. Unfortunately, we are put to shame by our forefathers of innovation because we are dependent on our technology to come with new. I don't think we're any less smart in general, I think we stretch ourselves too thin. Back in the time of the ancients, they really didn't worry about forty-hour work weeks or keeping up with the latest fashion trends, they had time to ponder the mysteries of life. That's exactly what they did.

I just recently (during the writing of this post) ran across an article that recounts Nikola Tesla's prediction of the Blackberry back in 1909. One hundred years ago somebody was able to see this technology coming. It seems today we can only see faster versions of current technology or updated incarnations of past predictions. Luckily, we do have visionaries who can make predictions into the future of our world.