Gardening With the Alien

Welcome to the first week of GWtA for 2010.  This year I am doing something a bit different in the garden as you will see.  Because my ground is undernourished, I decided to try a different tactic called lasagna gardening.  This is a process of layering peat moss, leaves, grass clippings and other organic matter into what equates to a raised bed.  I will continue to add to this bed and next year I will start another.  But, without further ado, here's some photos.

I have six tomato plants this year.

The swimming pool is being used for my herbs.

I also have three pepper plants and a jalapeño.

I'm really hoping this works because it seems like the best option for my backyard.  My soil is too weighed down with clay to allow for root spreading and root vegetables don't grow well either.  There you go, the beginning of another year.