You Be the Judge (or the Jury)

Today, according to the oracle that is the Eclectic Calendar it is "Share Your Memories of Serving on Jury Duty Day" which allows me to recount my favorite story...I never served on jury duty.  This is not to say I haven't been called, though, I was called twice in fact.  I'm surprised that an investigation wasn't launched after my second time calling off since my reason for not serving was the same both times.

The first time I got called I had just started a new job and was preparing to go out of state for training, this was in mid-June.  My scheduled time to report was the second week I would be on Cape Cod, MA (tough job, but somebody had to do it) so my mom called for me and I was excused that time.

The second time I got called was supposed to be for the week after Thanksgiving of 2000, but my boss called me and told me he wanted me on a plane the Sunday after the holiday to work on a major crisis in...yeah, Cape Cod.  I told him about the notice and that this was the same reason I used last time, so he called them and wrote them a letter explaining this.

So, called twice, never served, but I still hope I could use that very same excuse again (I want to go back to the Cape).  So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Have a good Monday, folks.