My 15 Minutes is Coming

I've been helping out at a small lunch kiosk in a building over by the Cleveland Clinic.  I'm actually enjoying it a lot and have met some interesting people.  One of them is the reason for my big announcement below.  I recognized his name from my favorite podcast network and, as it turns out, he works right down the hall from the kiosk.  I asked him if he was the host of one of the podcasts from the network and, as it turns out, he is.  I got a tour of his research lab this past Friday and I got the invitation I could not refuse.  Hence, the reason for the build up.

My big (to me) announcement:  I am going to be sitting in on the live Futures in Biotech netcast this Friday @ 3:30pm ET on the TWiT network.  According to the host, Marc Pelletier, I will be on camera but probably not saying much.  I will also be hanging out in the TWiT chatroom, live tweeting from the desk and listening in on the conversation.  It should be fun and educational and, if you're available to, tune in and give it listen.

My Laptop Lid, these two stickers are aligned correctly for viewing.