My Musical Memories?

Today's musical memory is from way, way, way back...yesterday.  I came out of roadie retirement yesterday for a show at the Savannah Bar featuring Ace Molar and The Brothers Blues (tribute to...guess).  It was one of the earliest gigs I've done in a while even though the actual show didn't start until 9pm.  The Brothers Blues band had 11 members and was a full production.  We showed up at the bar at about 1pm to set up and get the sound dialed in.  The sound check was like a private concert for the crew and bar staff.  Most of my photos come from the sound check since it was easier to move around.

The whole band consisted of 4 horn players, keyboard, guitar, drums, bass, Jake, Elwood and Cab.  They played to a packed house last night and, despite a couple minor problems, the show went off without a hitch (these are some strong players, so they know how to play through minor problems).  Here are some photos:

Cab and the Band

Front to back: Elwood, Cab and Jake during sound check

Cab, aka: ET King during the show

The Brothers Blues making an entrance

ET King and yours truly at the end of the night

It was a great, great show and just, plain fun.  It felt good to be back moving equipment, getting last minute instructions and just having fun during the show.  This was the first show I did with the formal run-through/sound check.  Enjoy the pictures and, if you're in the neighborhood on June 10th, they will be performing with the full band (14 members) at the Parma Rib-N-Rock at Parmatown mall.  I just might be there.