And the Award Goes to...?

This year's Oscars will feature ten nominees for best picture.  I know who the nominees are for this award and I still won't watch, which means that the academy has failed.  According to one entertainment reporter (from MSNBC) they included Avatar and District 9 into the category in hopes of attracting the sci-fi fans to watch the awards.  Will it work?  Not from my point of view.

These are the only two nominees that I've seen so far and I liked both.  I'm probably who Manuel was referring to in comments on District 9.  Will the fact that this movie is nominated for best picture change my opinion of it in any way?  Of course not.  Awards don't affect my opinion of anything.  The are several albums I enjoy that have won Grammy awards and many others that have not.  I also won't rush out to see the best picture winner, but I may check it out if I find out that I might like it.

I've made predictions in the past as to which movie will win best picture.  Normally I choose the one that appears to be the long, boring one that I can't figure out who actually saw it (I guessed The English Patient many years ago and was right).  I think I'll make my prediction based on Manuel's reviews and say that A Serious Man will win.  This appears to be the one that fits the criteria.  As far as me watching, though, I think not.  Have a good day.