A Change of Heart

This past Wednesday I commented on the air traffic controller who let his kid do his job for him.  I think Sebastien's comment really caused me to rethink my position on this story.  I mean, think about how happy some of those pilots were to hear a child's voice over the radio.  Kids can bring joy to every job, not just air traffic control.  I think more professions should be equally welcoming to children (if you're familiar with Sebastien's artwork, picture the little kids doing the following jobs).

Imagine how much more pleasant a murder investigation would be if the homicide detective would bring his kid along.  He could investigate blood spatter patterns, dust for prints, attempt to identify the victim and many other things.  A surgeon could take his daughter to work and sit in the operating room and maybe even try her hand at surgery.  What about the pilots themselves?  They be allowed to bring their kids on the job with them, too.  What a thrill for the little ones to land a plane.  Don't even get me started on prison guards.

Kids could make every workplace so much more pleasant.  I guess it just took me a little while to really think through this story the right way.  Maybe I should take a little time before I jump to conclusions and make generalizations.  I would like to apologize to all of the children of the world.  Have a good day.