Crap From My Head

Why am I watching "The Soup" on E! Network?  Damn that brother of mine for getting me addicted.

For the last f-ing time, vampires do not sparkle in sunlight, they get really bad sunburns and turn to ash.  It's probably pretty damn painful.

It's been a while since I sent my first editorial and it still hasn't shown up in the paper.  I have plenty of fuel for the fire, so I will probably try again soon.

By the way, Laura B., if you're taking picks for DWtS, my pick should be obvious, his name is also a number (Chad Ochocinco).  No I don't watch the show, but I do submit choices.

You know, I'm still watching "The Soup" and I am so happy I don't watch any of these "reality" shows.

Does anybody really care which celebrity is cheating on which other celebrity?  It doesn't bother me that Jesse James was cheating on Tiger Woods with Betty White (or whatever).

So, that's what was in my brain.  I'm sorry.