Sci-Fi Science

I am going to do a rare TV review because I love this show.  Science Channel, a few months ago, premiered a show called Sci-Fi Science with Dr. Michio Kaku.  It's a hero alf an hour program that, in each episode, outlines a science fiction device or idea.  Dr. Kaku breaks the device down into its basic components and then looks to current scientific research and physics to see if it could ever be possible.  He then presents what he comes up with to the sci-fi fans.  I like Dr. Kaku because he explains things in language that is clear and easily understood.

The first season is done, but it can be seen on the Science Channel as reruns.  I have seen that the second season is in production.  It's a fascinating look at real science and how it relates to the fantastic such as time travel, long-distance space travel, the Death Star, super hero suit, force fields and other related ideas.  It's done in such a way that you could learn something about current scientific breakthroughs.  It is a must see if you really enjoy science and science fiction.

I am also watching Life on the Discovery Channel which is absolutely gorgeous.  That airs Sundays at 8pm.  Check it out if you can.