The Census Question

I just got my census form today and while I haven't been dreading it, I have been wondering about the questions they ask that get people all up in arms.  Now that I am looking it over, I'm wondering if I got the right form.  There's nothing here that sends up any red flags, just general questions about who I am and where I live.  Did I miss something?  Is there some special DNA collection material in the paper itself?  Are my fingers populated with atom-sized microchips from touching the form?

It's funny how people have so much to say about the census and how it's a violation of privacy, but will answer considerably more personal questions on Facebook.  This is asking about residence, age, gender and race.  Pretty much it's all data that can be posited by anybody.  This data also serves a purpose in our states and cities.  Everybody who visits my blog can tell that I'm a 36 year-old white, male homeowner.  Is this a problem?  As far as I can tell, there is nothing here that can not be found out about me from other means.

Bite the bullet, fill it out, mail it back.  That's it.  At least they don't make us pay for postage to mail it back.  Oh yeah, it's also required by the constitution.  This data cannot be used for prosecution purposes and is not shared with anybody.  Doing so would deter people from participating in the census.