The Final Cut (1983)

This was it. The title was quite prophetic at the time as Roger Waters would take his leave after a few years of high tensions. It is believed that the tensions began as far back as Wish You Were Here and the expectation of topping the success of Dark Side of the Moon. By the time of The Wall, Richard Wright was nothing more than a hired hand, getting kicked out of the band officially and not even appearing on The Final Cut. This album is sometimes referred to as an unofficial Roger Waters solo album since he wrote, arranged, produced and sang almost the whole thing.

The Final Cut is an angry album, reflecting Waters' disdain for the world governments for the wars and the loss of his father during World War II. Many of the songs take shots at world leaders from both the US and Britain. Originally, it was supposed to be the soundtrack for The Wall, but the Falklands conflict began and Waters rewrote the album. Initial reviews for the album were mostly negative, but with time it seems it has been more accepted.

1. The Post War Dream
2. Your Possible Pasts
3. One of the Few
4. The Hero's Return
5. The Gunner's Dream
6. Paranoid Eyes
7. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
8. The Fletcher Memorial Home
9. Southampton Dock
10. The Final Cut
11. Not Now John
12. Two Suns in the Sunset

This is the first CD I bought after I got a CD player. I owned it on cassette, but it died due to overplay. Now, don't get me wrong, this album is not for the casual fan at all (even less so than Animals). I love this album because of the satirical theme and the a lot of the musical work, especially Gilmour's guitar work on the title track. It's definitely worth a listen if only to hear an decide for yourself. Some of you may be disappointed, others may be impressed.

So there you have it, a whole week of Pink Floyd from the beginning of their progressive style to the end of an era and a look at one of the greatest albums of all time. I enjoyed writing about some of my favorite albums all week, but now I must think about what's coming next week.