Don't Get Duped

It may not top Scam School, but today's site is very important these days.  How many times have you seen a status message on Facebook that says that they are going to start charging a fee or that reposting a particular message will save puppies in the rainforest?  How e-mails do you get that tell you that somebody said something bad or that not buying gas on a particular day will cause it to be given away for free for the rest of existence?  Today's site is indispensable in this day and age of information overload.


By now, everybody has heard of this site, but I think it bears repeating.  I'll be honest, I am tired of seeing the same old e-mails about things that can be easily looked up.  If you get an e-mail about gas prices, a person who is a pervert, somebody who died because he didn't send this e-mail to five thousand people, do not send it to anybody until you check it out with Snopes.  Oh, and don't fall for the line, "this story has been checked on," it's meaningless, check for yourself.

There you go, a little sermon from your truly to stay on my good side.  Check out a story before subjecting me to it, because I will respond on your Facebook comment and tell you to check it out.  Have a nice day.