Another Web Favorite

When you right-click on the taskbar in Windows, you will see an option called "Task Manager".  I would say there are a lot of people who have no real idea what it is or that it even exists.  This is one of the most important functions in my personal opinion, because it tells the user what is going on.  There is a tab called "Processes" which shows all of the programs that are running.  Unfortunately, most software does not say what its processes are so it's not really that helpful on the surface.  It would help to know what they are.

Answers That Work

Answers That Work is a site that is an all-purpose resource for drivers, tips and tricks and the task list.  Do you see something in your process list that looks suspicious?  Click on the "TASK LIST" button and find the suspicious process name and read what it is.  Look around the site, it's fun and informative.

There you go, while my last recommendation was purely entertaining, this one is utilitarian and can keep you safe.  Enjoy finding out what's going on and have a good day.