Madlibs with Tommo

So, here's something different.  During our weekly write-in at the coffee shop last night, Tommo (you may have seen his comments) and I came up with a collaborative idea.  We came up with the idea of the breed of Madlibs with a slightly twisted twist.  There are some bizarre fields to fill in, but try it out for yourself.

I was running in  ____(a former eastern European country)____ one day, from my significant other.  He/She was wielding a sack full of ___(bronze age weapon)___, and trying to  ___(method of cooking)___ me profusely with them.  I stumbled upon a ___(synonym for toilet)_____ full of ___(exinct animals)____, and it reminded me of _____(international incident)______.  As my lover approached, I ___(mediveal chant)_____  to stop and look, and we ____(ethnic dance)_____.  The animals then began to ___(bodily function)____ at ___(celestial body)___.  This filled us with ____(type of preserves)____ so we began to ___(violent motion)____.  The___(disease)____ -filled creatures saw this and began to ____(bodiy function)______ in our direction.  Just then a large ___(mythical being)____  ran through the ____(part of a castle)____ and ____(kama sutra position)_____ the creatures.  This ___ (emotion in past tense)___ the creatures something ___(natural resource as adjective)___ and they then ____(bodily function in past tense)____.  After that we put a __(equestrian equipment)___ on the mythical being, and took over the world.

Much of this is based on conversations during the write-in and is mostly Tommo's work, but we are plotting a plot.  Tommo does a comic review site over at Meekrat Entertainment Group called UNFunky Winkerbean.  The link will lead you to the latest post, but if you click on the category at the bottom of the post you will find the rest.