I am Alive, and Writing

Hey everybody, long time, no blog.  NaNoWriMo will be a third of the way done after today and I am well ahead of the game at the moment.  The goal at the end of today is 16,667 words and I am over 19,000 through yesterday.  I am trying to write some other stuff for the site, but my story, which is a political satire and has been festering for about six years has overtaken my mind.  I may publish an excerpt when the month is over and I figure out the best part to use.

This year is a bit tougher than last year because I am working a full-time job with overtime, but I also have a definite idea of what I want to write.  It incorporates an idea I've had for about six years along with parts of another idea that wasn't working out very well.  I'm hoping it all comes together by November 30th.  I will be posting more often again, I was just more concerned with keep my word count up.  Have a good day.