A Change of Plans

Because my job is a practice in overtime (which I don't mind) and NaNoWriMo is coming in about a week, I am going to abandon the Picture-A-Day thing until the beginning of the year.  I will still post photos quite often, possibly doing a Saturday photo post.  I think I'll start that now...

AlienGF and I went to Edgewater Park last night for a change of pace.  When we got there I saw the picture I wanted.  Picture the scene: chilly night, overlooking Lake Erie, full moon overhead and a beautifully lit up downtown skyline across the way.  Yes, it was quite the sight, but did I have my camera?


Yes, I did.  To me, it looks like a picture postcard.  This is a 6 second exposure with a 51mm focal length.  The view was spectacular and those light streaks in the sky are airplanes.  Have a good weekend.