Catching Up

Hi, everyone.  It was a busy weekend with both work and stuff to do that I never posted my photos of the day for Friday, Saturday or today.  So, I am going to kill all three birds with a single post tonight and hopefully stay caught up for a while.

Saturday evening, AlienGF and I went out to the grand opening of The Wine Room, a friend's new business venture.  Simply put, it's a wine shop.  I decided to take my camera with me and capture some of the evening.  I wish I had a better flash for my camera, but I made do with what I have.  I am not really going to show much of the business yet as I am giving the photos over to the owners.


This is AlienGF's hand holding a Nilla Wafer with alcohol infused chocolate whipped cream on it.  I guess it was good because she said so.


This was an open-shutter picture of the highway on our way to The Wine Room.  It may also have been how the highway looked for AlienGF on the way home.  Just kidding, dear.  Have a good evening.