Such a Character

I am concluding this week of writing with my thoughts on characters.  When I started my NaNoWriMo novel on November 1st, I had preconceived notions about my characters.  I tried to define them when I first started, giving them their personality traits before I even started.  Big mistake.  Even though these characters are products of my imagination doesn't mean that they will bend to my will.  The scene that I posted on Monday would never have happened had I kept in control of my main character.

When somebody who wasn't involved in NaNo asked how my book would end, I said that I would let them when I finished.  This was met with cockeyed looks, but while I had an idea of a general ending, I had little idea how I would get there.  The truth is, characters evolve and behave the way they want to and they end up doing whatever they feel like.  They will become organic beings with their own thoughts and feelings and will behave in different ways.  This time around, I am letting my characters develop on their own and surprise me.  Writing is entertaining for me during the process as much as it is for the reader.